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Walls & Ceiling

For the walls, we used unfinished cedar paneling from Menard's. 

At $33 per sheet, It is cost friendly and super light weight, while still giving us that cozy cabin real wood feel. 

Our paneling is mounted directly onto the metal van interior.

We drilled small pilot holes followed by #6 3/4in flat head phillips screws.

We cut the paneling so that the seams between sheets were hidden behind our furniture and upper cabinets.

We measured and cut the location for the window openings prior to installing.

Note: before hanging the walls, we ran all of our "Pre-wiring". See our wiring post HERE.

Where the two wall panels met in the large empty "window" sections where there are no solid mounting points, we added a 3/4" wood plank to keep the seams leveled tightly together. 

Before hanging the ceiling panels, we planned out all of our LED light locations and drilled the holes for recessed lighting accordingly. We used the same screws for our ceiling panels. Again, drilling small pilot holes and screwing directly into the van's metal roof ribs.

To finish the walls, we added the top section and joined the ceiling to the walls with a 4"piece of paneling. Our overhead shelving will later match this angle.  

We finished the cedar paneling with danish oil. Simply rub on a couple of coats with a soft cloth.