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Before planning our wiring, we actually built our bed/benches. We knew one section of the benches would be dedicated to housing our batteries and major electrical components. Having the benches built allowed us to better plan where the wiring could enter/exit the battery box. See our post HERE for a detailed look at how we built or benches. 


To begin our wiring, we started by determining all of the major electrical components to be used in our van build.

Major Electrical Components

  • Renogy 300W Solar Kit with MPPT Charge Controller

  • Inverter

  • Keyline Smart Isolator

  • 12x LED puck lights

  • 3x 12v dimmer switches 

  • Maxxair Fan

  • Dometic CFX50 Fridge

  • 12v outlet

  • USB outlet


A few key decisions at this point in planning: ​

  • All small components would be connected to the charge controller via Blade Fuse Box, mounted inside of the battery box.

  • Inverter and charge controller to be mounted inside of the battery box - no need for pre wiring between these components.

  • 12v and USB outlets to be mounted to the battery box - no need for pre wiring. 


Wires to be run prior to hanging wall/ceiling panels

  • Solar Panels to Charge Controller

  • Fuse Box to Dimmer Switches

  • Dimmer Switches to Puck Lights

  • Fuse Box to Maxxair Fan

  • Batteries to Dometic Fridge

Basic Pre-wiring Diagram


We ran one positive (red) and one ground (black) from the battery box to the fridge location, fan, and each dimmer switch. Our Dimmer Switches will be mounted on the underside of our upper cabinet.

We used 14 AWG wire for all of these components. 

The solar cables are included in the Renogy Kit, or you can purchase them HERE

Detailed diagram for wiring dimmer switch to lights


The wiring diagram above outlines ONE switch. We repeated this 2 more times to cover all 3 switches.

We ran a positive (red) and ground (black) wire from each puck light location to the dimmer switch location.

At the location of the dimmer switches, we connected all of the Positive (red) wires from the lights to the White switch wire and to the positive (red) wire from our fuse box.  

We connected all of the negative wires (black) from the lights, to the red wire from the switch. 

We connected the black wire from the switch to the negative (black) wire from our ground bar. 

Once we had all of the needed wires run for these "pre-wiring" components, we hung our walls and ceiling panels. See the wall and ceiling post HERE.

we built a wooden box to sit inside of our upper cabinet in order to protect all of these wiring connections. 

Installing Solar Panels and Cables

Renogy 300W Solar Kit with MPPT Charge Controller

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