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Window Install

We went back and forth on which type of windows to install in the rear of our van. We ultimately decided on RV style slider windows with screens. The screens provide bug free ventilation, plus these were significantly less expensive than other window options. We ordered our windows from . We went with the 24" x 15" windows with a wall thickness of 2-3/16". This was the wall thickness they offered at the time closest to what we thought ours would be after insulation. 

We first used a dremel tool with a cutoff wheel to carefully remove the interior rib from the sprinter's rear "window" space.

We centered and traced the window template, then made the cutout using a jigsaw with a sheetmetal blade.

Because the van does not actually have a "wall thickness", we created one using a stack of plywood cutouts. This was basically trial and error. It needed to be just thick enough for the window and trim ring to pull together providing a nice seal against the rubber gasket. 

Once we had our thickness dialed in, we glued the plywood cutouts to the interior van wall using Liquid Nails Fuze It adhesive and a whole lotta' clamps. (We returned these clamps to the store after using them this one time)

We let the glue dry overnight, then installed the windows. We also masked around the windows with painters tape and applied a bead of Dicor Lap Sealant to make sure everything was watertight. 

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